The Title is optional, and Clearly posting is as well.

Well folks, here we are. Slacking as per usual. Funny how life catches up to you and you get lost in the mix of it all. And by that I mean, I couldn’t log in, got frustrated, said fuck this shit and called a day…..for months. Now I know I know, who needs excuses when you can cut to the chase and read about my boringness. 
Since we last spoke, we’ve had a cupcake suddenly go cross-eyed within 30 seconds of looking at her, now sporting dazzling new pink specks. (Be jealous here), a Hoggy graduate pre-school (ugh god no, not a big boy school), a Gooie moving onto 3rd grade (huh? I don’t remember allowing that) and a Jace with 3rd degree infected finger burns (5 points for sparklers and parents of the years).
Noah’s therapy is being moved to the centre, whereas opening up my mornings a little, Cuppycake allowing. Hooray?
Ninja samurai family shots make all my laziness better? Yes? No? I tried.Image

Seriously WordPress, I’m not impressed

Hello again to all my friends!

I swear I have the most awful terrible blog luck in the universe. I will not bore you all to tears with my recent struggles with wordpress, I’ll just leave it with this is how I spent many nights fighting with it.

Right, so that’s not quite me, but Miss Cuppycake will have to do. I don’t look nearly as cute when sobbing uncontrollably..

We’ve missed a bunch over the last eternity of lack of blogness, but who really has the time or energy to read all that. Most importantly, this happened.
That’s right, Mr Lemon turned 3. THREE FOLKS. Impossible I know. Whatever am I going to do when all my kids are in their 20’s?!?! I’ll have to go all Angelina and adopt 50th to fill my day.

Suck-ball kinda day

I took pictures. You’re welcome. First off, we spent our thanksgiving weekend up north. Where we used alex’s keys, while mine stayed in  my purse. In typical me fashion this is where my keys are now.   Of course I notice this minutes before Noah is to be at school. On this note I’d like […]

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Things I’ll Take For Granted

Every now and then I have to sit back and remind myself that even amongst all the hustle and bustle of my everyday, things that seem time consuming and bothersome are the exact things I’ll miss. In no particular order: Putting socks on tiny feet. Wiping noses. Helping wash little hands. Plastic plates. Small laundry. […]

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Holy Hannah, I’m alive

In the last three weeks I’ve moved, kids have started back at school, we’re starting ABA therapy with Noah, I’ve been up  north and probably 234 other things that I should mention that i’m just far to lazy to. It’s been crazy hectic. Moving is a task sent straight from Satan, especially when you find […]

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Because Packing is for Losers

Blogging live from my living room: The 2011 MTV VMA’S Lady gaga: I’m not sure if i enjoyed this, or it was to awkward to actually enjoy. I’m pretty sure that’s what she looks like sans makeup. Post lady gaga: Who is this guy…..this is worse then the waynes brothers. That’s saying something. Please someone […]

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A Kick In the Face Would Have Also Been Approved

Kids are assholes, and it’s of no fault of their own. I’m the first to admit that outside my realm of kids I know and love, I pretty much dislike all other kids. This could also stem from my disliking of most other adults. Angry bitter person, you bet, and with good reason. On our […]

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Common Phrases from a Momapotamus

Day in the life of’s are so…. over done. But talk to me next week when I’m sitting here with a bad case of the brain soups and I’ll be all over that. I figured a better way for you to get a glimpse into my humble (ha) abode would be through reciting a few […]

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It’s illegal to post your kids on ebay, right?

Who’s bright idea was it to have four kids again? Oh yea, mine.And before you get all, does she ever do anything but whine about her kids, let me state for the record, I’ve had a pretty shitty week and they’re all evil. Don’t get me wrong, these are awesome kids, I mean, if they […]

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Most wonderful time of the year? I think not.

Ugh, back to school shopping. I always feel like a headless chicken amongst the other parents. All fighting for the 40g pritt glue because it’s what the teacher has requested and the smaller ones will just not do. And really, why does my 7 year old need 20 pencils and 2 pens. It’s not like […]

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