It’s illegal to post your kids on ebay, right?

Who’s bright idea was it to have four kids again? Oh yea, mine.And before you get all, does she ever do anything but whine about her kids, let me state for the record, I’ve had a pretty shitty week and they’re all evil. Don’t get me wrong, these are awesome kids, I mean, if they weren’t mine, I’d be like omgbestkidsever. But when you sit and stare at each other for a few months straight you find new ways to drive each mental. The problem with this being that these kids outsmart me in that department. Don’t let the happy smiley faces lure you in folks, they’re bordering on evil.

This lovely photo was taken up north this past weekend. Where no one tried to kill each other. And it only took some minor threats and yelling to achieve this photo *side eye to Liam*. Adult temper tantrums prove effective when taking pictures of your kids folks. Don’t believe me? Try it for your self. When in doubt, self pity always lends a helping hand. Cue the nobody loves mommy line, and snap away.



  1. So you haven’t had the best of weeks, just think, life is going to get soooo much more hectic once the kids start school. LUCKY.

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