The Title is optional, and Clearly posting is as well.

Well folks, here we are. Slacking as per usual. Funny how life catches up to you and you get lost in the mix of it all. And by that I mean, I couldn’t log in, got frustrated, said fuck this shit and called a day…..for months. Now I know I know, who needs excuses when you can cut to the chase and read about my boringness. 
Since we last spoke, we’ve had a cupcake suddenly go cross-eyed within 30 seconds of looking at her, now sporting dazzling new pink specks. (Be jealous here), a Hoggy graduate pre-school (ugh god no, not a big boy school), a Gooie moving onto 3rd grade (huh? I don’t remember allowing that) and a Jace with 3rd degree infected finger burns (5 points for sparklers and parents of the years).
Noah’s therapy is being moved to the centre, whereas opening up my mornings a little, Cuppycake allowing. Hooray?
Ninja samurai family shots make all my laziness better? Yes? No? I tried.Image


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