Holy Hannah, I’m alive

In the last three weeks I’ve moved, kids have started back at school, we’re starting ABA therapy with Noah, I’ve been up  north and probably 234 other things that I should mention that i’m just far to lazy to. It’s been crazy hectic.

Moving is a task sent straight from Satan, especially when you find out you’re moving Monday, and are completely moved out that Thursday. Can I just state off the bat that packing and unpacking 6 people’s lives in 4 days blows out the ass. You don’t realize how much shit you actually have until something like this happens, and then you fall into this frantic state of  “holy crap throw everything out”. We’re sorta settled now, thanks to the help of awesome folks (winknudgepointtoclock). By sorta I mean any room that isn’t my bedroom is all worked out. We’re waiting on the basement to be redone; complete with fair sized storage  room and in the meantime our bedroom has become a catch-all. My bedtime routine involves crawling over boxes of christmas bulbs and out of season clothing. Sounds fun huh? It was cute for the first week, and now I’m over it. I’m also over cardboard boxes in general. The site of one induces this uncontrolable gag reflex. Ugh, don’t want to think about it.
There’s probably more. My brain is fried. Will post pics soon. Swears. Maybe. AHHH A BOX



  1. Here’s the amazing thing… YOU DID IT, talk about super MOM 🙂

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