Seriously WordPress, I’m not impressed

Hello again to all my friends!

I swear I have the most awful terrible blog luck in the universe. I will not bore you all to tears with my recent struggles with wordpress, I’ll just leave it with this is how I spent many nights fighting with it.

Right, so that’s not quite me, but Miss Cuppycake will have to do. I don’t look nearly as cute when sobbing uncontrollably..

We’ve missed a bunch over the last eternity of lack of blogness, but who really has the time or energy to read all that. Most importantly, this happened.
That’s right, Mr Lemon turned 3. THREE FOLKS. Impossible I know. Whatever am I going to do when all my kids are in their 20’s?!?! I’ll have to go all Angelina and adopt 50th to fill my day.


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