Suck-ball kinda day

I took pictures. You’re welcome.
First off, we spent our thanksgiving weekend up north. Where we used alex’s keys, while mine stayed in  my purse. In typical me fashion this is where my keys are now.


Of course I notice this minutes before Noah is to be at school. On this note I’d like to add that Alex should sleep in the car for a while and learn how to answer a phone while he’s there. Thank heavens this wasn’t a dire emergency. I digress, for the sake of your eyeballs. Now in this time because I’m a nice guy, I went out to take a picture, because who doesn’t like visuals. I manage to lodge this bitch in my foot.
So I swore. Kicked a pumpkin. Swore some more, and ripped it out of my foot. Again. I digress. I then mosey/limp/hop over to the bathroom so as to bandage and de-dirt and potty mouth my foot and walk in to this.
My demons kids decided to take cleaning the bathroom upon themselves. Cause you know they felt bad for possibly destroying my toilet forever with their giant poo. Seriously, how it emerged for such a  tiny body must be one of the wonders of the world. They also felt compelled to take the baby wash and scrub some grout, with who elses but MOMMY’S toothbrush.
And Alex wonders why I look like I haven’t slept in days when he walks in…


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