Things I’ll Take For Granted

Every now and then I have to sit back and remind myself that even amongst all the hustle and bustle of my everyday, things that seem time consuming and bothersome are the exact things I’ll miss.
In no particular order:

Putting socks on tiny feet.
Wiping noses.
Helping wash little hands.
Plastic plates.
Small laundry.
Mr Bubble bubble baths.
1 am snuggles.
2 am snuggles.
Listening to whispered conversations that are thought to be unheard.
Sink baths
Christmas morning awe and wonder.
Tiptoeing across the room to tuck some change under a pillow.
Dropping to the floor like a ninja spy when the above pillow dweller startles.
Little finger prints on my windows.
Cards and gifts made with pride and love.
The itsy bitsy spider and his friend mary and her lamb.
Reading I love you forever for the millionth time with it’s dogged ears and worn edges.
3am snuggles.
Playing on the car carpet for decades at a time.
Cutting food up smaller.
Unprompted kisses and hugs.
First steps.
First words.
First everythings.
Tea parties.
Soccer games.
Waking sleepy heads.
Baking cookies with eager helpers and taste testers.
4am snuggles.
Silly songs.
Tickle monster.
Small fingers wrapped around big ones.
Hand holding in the street.
Carseat smiles.
Being the hero for the smallest things.
Chocolatey faces.
Dinner chaos.
Halloween costume cuteness
School performances…I will not cry.I will not cry.
First days of school

Things I won’t miss:
Stinky diapers.
Feeling like I run on caffeine.
Being vomited on.
Lost pacifiers.
Waking at 1.2.3 and 4 am
Hurt and worry for things beyond our control, but I guess that never ends.

I wish I had someone reading this list and the 2312 other things I could post, at all times. Might help get through the rougher days.



  1. I read them!!

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